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The original form of our company, created in 1996, when an almost unformed market in general at various waste management, the personal PANAGIOTIS TYPAS took its first steps in the field of Construction Waste Management, together with underwriting and processing earthworks .
It was then acquired the first two trucks - skipper and began the activation of the small company to collect debris, the rudimentary separation and then to deposit in the appropriate District quarries for final deposition.
The cooperation of the individual nature TYPAS a result of data from the ever-growing clientele, led in 1999 to the creation of TYPA BROS OE, which operated more strongly in the area of ​​Construction Waste Management. The trucks were now four different projects related machinery purchased and have begun collaborations with external contractors in increased capacity to better serve the growing customer base dramatically.
Most individual retail clients, have given way to construction companies of various sizes and activities, culminating in exclusive partnerships with major construction groups.
A year later, based on the most complete and smooth operation of the company creates the ATTIKI  CONTAINER Ltd. whose management and ownership shape is maintained until today. New activities have been integrated in the "routine" of the company, such as Waste Management in vertical form (collection, sorting, storage) and recycling objects and materials without abandoning the employment part of the activities in Construction Waste.
This course of the company was not foreign to our efforts, however, was perfectly compatible additives before they evolve to new activities. There was always a stage adaptation mechanism in these new activities. That was the way, the "secret" if we want the ATTIKI CONTAINER Ltd. came to be among the most promising companies in all kinds of Diecheirisis Waste. Climax and milestones in our course, was the fully successful collaboration with the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games 2004. Last year everyone here in ATTIKI CONTAINER efto overtook us, we became more experienced, more effective and more "agile". In both testified that the results of our work, and the warm acceptance of our customers.
It was then that the motto of our company, acquired words reflects the DNA of ATTIKI Ltd. CONTAINER: Consistency, Accuracy, Flexibility!
A triptych featuring a meaningful way today, but the company and everything it can offer you, simply utilizing the practical experience, combined with the mentality of all of us here in ATTIKI CONTAINER.